WhatsApp’s New “Keep in Chat” Feature Allows Users to Save Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp has launched a new feature called “Keep in Chat” that allows users to keep disappearing messages in a chat even if the feature is turned on. This article explores how the feature works and its implications for privacy.

WhatsApp’s New “Keep in Chat” Feature Allows Users to Save Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature is a great way to ensure that your messages disappear after a set time. But what if you want to keep a particular message even if the feature is turned on? That’s where WhatsApp’s new “Keep in Chat” feature comes in handy.

With the Keep in Chat feature, you can now save disappearing messages in a chat, provided the sender allows it. When someone in a group chat keeps a disappearing message, the sender will be notified and can veto the decision. If the sender decides that the message should not be kept by others, their decision is final, and the message will be deleted when the timer expires.

Saved disappearing messages will be labeled with a bookmark icon, and you can see them in the Kept Messages feature, organized by chat. This new feature is an excellent addition to WhatsApp’s privacy features and gives users greater control over their messages.

The Keep in Chat feature will be rolled out globally over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for it on your WhatsApp app. This new feature is sure to be a hit with WhatsApp users who want more control over their disappearing messages.

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